Science Lab

When you hear anything, you forget it sooner than the activities you see. But when you do any activity physically or let us put the term, practically, it stays in your mind even longer, since you do the experiments understanding the deep theory and concepts involved in it. This gives a hands on experience for the students so that they get a basic fundamental acquaintance to the world of science and technology. In this manner, they can grasp the theoretical concepts even better. Our science lab is well equipped with Articulated Human Skeleton, Beakers (different size), Compound Microscope, Cover slips Beaker 1000 ml R, Beaker 500 ml R Beaker 250 ml R, Beaker Borosilicate glass 100 ml R,  Beakers (with different sizes); (100 ml,250, 500, 100) 25 each Ammeter (0-0 6/0 – 3 amp), Bar magnets, Battery holders cell box for one tow cells red woo box with brass terminals,Concave lens

Concave lense, Concave mirror,Concave mirror ,Connecting wires ,Connection wires,Ohmic resistors,Prisms,Rheostat,Human anatomy models, various Human Anatomy Models, zoology models, botany models, osteology models, dissecting tools etc.




The child should be ward of Army Personnel and minimum of 5 years for admission in First Class.