Language Lab

Listen- Respond- Record- Communicate: - the most compact definition of a very purposeful Language Lab. It facilitate efficient teacher- student interaction to correct phonetic accents and dialects in English or any other language like French, German etc. this also helps to develop confidence for carrying out a conversation.

Thanks to the modern and practical approach of study that we are having a lab which has made even the tougher aspects of English teaching simpler, easier and at the most very interesting and joyful. Change that leads to progress is always good to be had without delay to avoid stagnancy. The students love the activities and feel that they are worth replacing. It’s a very positive change in the field of English language to study the things right from the basics at an early age. Otherwise all these things namely phonemes, stress, intonation etc remained unknown to all.




The child should be ward of Army Personnel and minimum of 5 years for admission in First Class.