Admission Procedure


The School admits boys & girls between the age of 5 & 14 irrespective of rank, Creed or Socio- economic status of their parents. Admission to a class is based on child’s performance in the entrance examination.

Admission Period

For Army Wards it is open for whole Session whereas for Civilian April only.


Payments of Fees


Notes: - 

1.     Fee will be paid through online only, Not by cash/cheques.

2.     If fee are not paid by due date, late fee will be charged as under:

 (a)   Upto 20th of the current month                       -   Rs 100/-

 (b)   Upto 1 month                                                  -   Rs 200/-

 (c)   Upto 2 months                                                -   Rs 400/-

 (d)  Upto 3 months                                                 -   Rs 750/-

If fees and fine are not paid for more than three consecutive months, the name of the student will be stuck off the rolls.


The child should be ward of Army Personnel and minimum of 5 years for admission in First Class.