The school aims at giving the a refined education so as to equip then to be men and women of character and  integrity, to develop competence in them ,both in scholastic and non- scholastic fileds. To achive this, great stress is laid on the following aspects:-

  1. To provide our child a liberal and enlightened education of world standard.
  2. To offer them all possible facilities and opportunities to develop their personality and innate qualities through  a series of activities.
  3. To provide an environment to develop command of language and conceptual clarity.
  4. To empower children to acquire those skills and qualities of heads, heart and hard necessary for honest living as adults.
  5. To encourage children to appreciate the value of hard work , determination and persistence.
  6. To foster an atmosphere of:
    • Stimulating intellectual euriosity
    • Developing an interest in the teaching –learning  process
    • Generating moral character.



The child should be ward of Army Personnel and minimum of 5 years for admission in First Class.